Bądź turystą w swoim mieście - zwiedzaj Kraków!
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Be a tourist in your city

The Main Market waking up in the morning, the stunning greenery of Nowa Huta during an afternoon walk, boiling with artistic energy Kazimierz in the evening glow of lamps, mysterious and avant-garde Podgórze and ice cream with rose flavor at Father Bernatka’s footbridge … This is what we know well and this is how he appears visiting tourists in crowds – as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (and maybe all over the world).

Everyday duties make us forget how unusual we live and we lack the time to admire its ephemeral beauty. After difficult months of isolation, we finally leave the house and look at our city differently than before. Thanks to this, we, the inhabitants, have the opportunity to turn into … Krakow explorers. We can look at him through the eyes of a visitor, asking a child questions, an adventurous tourist. We have a unique opportunity to become a tourist in your own city: look into previously unknown places, walk along the lost tiny streets, visit known (but are you sure?) Museum rooms and monuments, taste dishes in places we have never been before. Why? Because we can – and because our city needs us.

The social and informational campaign ‘Be a tourist in your city – visit Krakow’ has one goal: to encourage entrepreneurs, cultural institutions, foundations and associations to stand shoulder to shoulder and inspire the inhabitants of Krakow to enjoy the many attractions of our city. Sometimes one gesture is enough – a visit to your favorite cafe, Sunday dinner in a tiny bistro across the street, a family escapade to Wawel, a walk in the footsteps of UNESCO heritage and stopping on the way for an aromatic casserole with roasted onions. It is also thanks to our decisions that the Krakow economy, local businesses, small entrepreneurs and cultural institutions are starting to come to life.
We can spend a great time with family and at the same time help entrepreneurs to get back on their feet – our small gestures can make Krakow flourish again.

We also want to redefine the concept of a tourist in Krakow – as a person who, when coming to the capital of Lesser Poland, becomes a resident for a moment. A resident who uses the same services that we use every day. A person who follows the same routes who roam the inhabitants of Kraków and Kraków daily. And finally a person who respects the surrounding space and co-inhabitants. Together, we can rebuild Krakow tourism in a sustainable and responsible manner.

As part of the campaign, its initiators, the City of Krakow and the Krakow Festival Office, offer residents a number of attractions and ideas on how to spend interesting time in the city and what benefits it offers – cultural, gastronomic or family -. They also encourage you to share your Krakow discoveries in social media and promote the attitude of ‘Be a tourist in your city – visit Krakow’.

And ready themed routes, thanks to which we will rediscover the beauty of our city, are waiting for us on the Krakow Travel website!
It’s worth going for a walk today!

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    We invite you to explore Krakow and discover new and surprising thematic paths. With us you will see film and literary Krakow, move into the city in the footsteps of the Wawel dragon and John Paul II, and finally learn the secrets of Krakow’s holy places and Nowa Huta. All you need is a smartphone and … comfortable shoes. Enjoy!

  • In June we wake up to life!

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    The Krakow sun pierces from behind the clouds, hugging the abandon of wellingtons and raincoat in favor of comfortable sneakers and summer shirts. In the coming week, we can take advantage of the June weather and follow the trail of the Wawel Dragon, hide in the shade of the trees during a trial after Nowa Huta – the most greened district of Krakow – and discover the secrets of the Zwierzyniecki Maidens enchanted in the rocks while crossing Salwator. From Wednesday in the biweekly “KRAKÓW.PL” we find a special walking insert “Be a tourist in your city – visit Krakow”, with which we can go on family walks, visiting additional functions that open doors for all those thirsty for Krakow culture.